Pretty Scary Halloween! October 26, 2016 12:30

Dangers of face paints for HalloweenHalloween is almost here. Kids have been looking forward to it all year long and the excitement is in the air. Grown-ups are excited too, but they have the added pressure of trying to protect the safety and health of their trick-or-treating children. For decades, families have been warned about checking the candies collected from strangers in the neighborhood. But, did you know that protecting our children’s health and well-being may also require careful inspection of the face paints sold in stores?

The 2016 "Pretty Scary" report is a must-read for every parent. Developed and published by the Breast Cancer Fund and spearheaded by their Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, this report reveals the widespread presence of toxic chemicals in cosmetic products marketed to kids. The presence of these chemicals is of serious concern, since children are highly vulnerable to the effects of toxic chemicals.

Here’s some of the chemicals found in face paints and cosmetic products for kids:

LEAD AND CADMIUM: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has made it clear that there is no safe level of lead. Yet, lead was found in nearly 20% of the Halloween face paints tested and cadmium in nearly 30%. Lead is strongly associated with learning disabilities and developmental problems. Cadmium is linked to breast, kidney, lung and prostate cancer.
TOLUENE: Toluene, a hormonally active, development and reproductive
toxicant was found in nearly 11% of products tested.
PARABENS: At least one paraben, an endocrine disrupting compound,
was found in 34% of products. Two or three parabens were found in 3% of
the products.
FORMALDEHYDE: Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives were found in
3% of the products. Formaldehyde is a known human carcinogen.
ETHOXYLATED INGREDIENTS: 28% of products contained ethoxylated ingredients just from reading the labels. This manufacturing process can result in two toxic contaminants linked to breast cancer and other cancers: ethylene oxide and 1,4- dioxane.
There are real dangers in these children’s products designed for play or daily
use. It's well-known that the federal laws governing the safety used
in personal care products are inadequate. The results of this study clearly
indicate the need for strong, health protective, federal cosmetic safety
reform to reduce children’s exposure to chemicals from products that on the
surface seem playful, but upon scientific analysis, pose a dangerous threat to
children’s health and well-being.

So what can we do? Read the ingredients, avoid products with dangerous chemicals, choose a natural product or stay away altogether from face paints and chemical-laden cosmetics. No one else is protecting our children, but ourselves.

What are your thoughts on this report? Share them in the Comments section below. Let's have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone!

To read and download the entire report, click here: Pretty Scary 2016 Report.