Applying Blush

Choose your blush colour using nature as your guide. You should find a colour that matches your cheeks when they are naturally flushed after exercise or being out in the cold. For a quick test, pinch your cheeks and use the resulting colour as a guide. Fair skin looks great in rose, olive skin in peach and dark skin in apricot or even red.

Blush is usually used after the application of the powder foundation and prior to the finishing powder. It is very important that your face is dry and not oily or the powder will catch on slick spots and look streaky.

Lightly dip the brush into the powder and swirl it into the lid until all powder is absorbed into the bristles. Tap off any excess powder.

Apply the blush sparingly and with a light touch, sweeping up along the cheekbone, and using the center of your eye as the starting point of your application. The upward sweep will give the illusion of pulling your face upward, slimming it. Be careful not to apply the blush too far below the cheekbone, because this will visually pull down the face.

Keep colour light and always swipe in one direction to avoid streaking. If you've applied too much blush, you can tone it down with a touch of finishing powder.

Set your makeup with a sweep of finishing powder.