Benefits of Mineral Makeup

Despite the popularity of mineral makeup, many women have not given it a try yet. Attempting to make sense of the various and sometimes contradictory information on the internet and understanding the differences between mineral makeup brands available are daunting tasks that can discourage some women to start a new beauty regimen.

So, is mineral makeup better than traditional makeup?

The vast majority of dermatologists say yes. Because mineral makeup products are non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) and hypoallergenic, don’t contain perfumes, talc, alcohol, dyes, mineral oil or preservatives, they are less irritating to the skin. Many women with skin conditions like acne and rosacea, who can’t tolerate regular makeup, will find relief in wearing mineral makeup.

Another bonus is that some of the ingredients found in mineral makeup, including Sheer Blends makeup, like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, are considered to have anti-inflammatory properties, are soothing on the skin, and perfect for post skin treatments such as peels or lasers, or acne flare-ups. Plus, these ingredients offer an extra SPF protection when used in combination with your regular sunscreen.

One thing that I love about mineral makeup is that you can wear it at the beach, pool or gym, without the fear that it will run down your face. Mineral makeup is water repellent, so if your face perspired or got wet, don’t wipe it off, just lightly pat it with a tissue. You may remove a small amount of the powder, but the majority will remain on the skin.

Mineral makeup detractors say the powders are messy, inconvenient to carry around and don’t provide adequate coverage. It's true, mineral makeup can be messy, but not if you use the proper techniques - see our How-to tips. Also, they are quite easy to carry with you nowadays, especially if you have a retractable brush, like the ones sold on our site - Retractable Powder Blush and Retractable Blush Brush. If you don't feel like carrying the jars around with you, you can dip your retractable brushes in finishing powder or blush and put them in your bag for a quick touch-up later in the day. As far as the coverage is concerned, mineral makeup will not give you the "mask" look that regular makeup provides. It is light, breathable and natural looking, letting the beauty of your skin shine through. Follow our beauty tips and how-to techniques and discover the benefits of mineral makeup. Your skin will definitely thank you.