Choosing Your Foundation Colour

When you’re looking for the foundation shade that matches your skin perfectly, it is important to identify your skin’s undertone. The skin's undertone is the warm, cool, or neutral hue that shows through the surface colour of skin.  Although the surface colour of skin changes depending on sun exposure and other skin conditions like rosacea and acne, the skin’s undertone remains consistent. Knowing whether your undertone is warm, cool or neutral is the key to ensuring that your foundation matches your skin and looks natural.

Here are some quick methods to determine your skin’s undertone:

  • Those who tan easily and do not burn, most likely have a yellow-to-olive, warm undertone. Gold jewellery flatters their skin more than silver. The veins on the inside of their wrist appear green.
  • Those who burn and either tan minimally or not at all, have a pink, cool undertone. Silver jewellery flatters their skin more than gold. The veins on the inside of their wrist appear blue/purple.
  • Those with no obvious overtones of yellow, olive or pink have a neutral skin undertone. Both silver and gold jewellery flatter their skin. People with this skin tone will have difficulty discerning if their veins are blue or green.

These categories apply to all women, including women of colour. Your underlying skin colour will always relate to one of these skin tones. Sheer Blends offers a variety of warm, cool and neutral foundation shades, making it really easy to choose the appropriate shade, once you determined your skin undertone. When choosing your foundation colour from this website, please keep in mind that due to different computer screen settings, the colour shown on your screen may slightly differ from the actual colour of the foundation. For this reason, we recommend that you try out our affordable foundation samples before deciding on a colour. Always test the foundation in natural light. Apply and blend it over your jaw line and down on your neck. If the foundation seems to disappear, evening out and matching with your skin tone, you have chosen the right colour. Remember that skin tones often change with the seasons. Many women choose one tone for summer and one for winter, and then blend them together for fall and spring.